Jul 27, 2009

Alex Jones goes Super Saiyan

I can admit I was a fan of the old DBZ series back in the 90's. If you've never heard of it, you won't understand the video. Whether you like AJ or not, this is pretty damn funny...

Jul 7, 2009


Astronomers count the stars
By Andrew Craig
BBC News

Astronomers in Australia say there are 10 times more stars in the visible Universe than all the grains of sand on the world's beaches and deserts.
From the darkest parts of Earth, the naked human eye can see about 5,000 stars; from a brightly lit city street, only about 100.

The scientists looked at just the visible Universe.But modern telescopes tell a different story.
The Australian astronomers used some of the world's most powerful instruments to measure the brightness of all the galaxies in one sector of the cosmos - and then calculated how many stars they must have contained.
From that measurement, they proceeded to work out a figure for the whole of the visible Universe, which they believe is much more accurate than previous estimates.
That figure - presented to the International Astronomical Union conference in Sydney - is the kind that really can be called astronomical: 70 sextillion, or seven followed by 22 zeroes.
That is more than the total number of grains of sand in all the Earth's beaches and deserts. But that is only the stars in the visible Universe within range of our telescopes.
Dr Simon Driver, of the Australian National University, says the actual total could be much, much bigger still. He believes that many of the stars out there have planets, and some of those probably have life.
But they are so far away from Earth, he says, that we may never be able to contact anyone living on them.

Of course, if that's too much for your mind to handle, you can always think like this fine elected official...

Jul 4, 2009

Logic vs. Emotion or Spock vs. Kirk

Ever know someone who was being cheated on, but wouldn't admit it? What is it that makes them overlook the evidence right in front of their face? Emotional attachment. Maybe they think they're in love with the cheater or maybe they're afraid of them or afraid of being alone, whatever the reason, intense emotions are clouding their judgment. This is a problem for many of the religious, as well. Believe it or not, some people still think the global flood story is real. What other explanation for their blatant disregard of scientific facts? Emotions are very important and useful in many areas but not all. Consider Gov. Sanford and how "love" caused him to behave. There are times when you must give logic the louder voice. Intense emotions may help a terminal patient find needed strength but they are no help to the doctor trying to diagnose the problem. Learn to use your emotions and stop letting them use you.

Jephthah and The God of Love

Straight from Judges chapter 11...

In the "Living Word", it comes to pass that the people of Ammon were warring with the people of Israel. Elders are sent from Gilead to the land of Tob to procure the courageous man called Jephthah for battle against Ammon. He agrees to help them, although they had kicked him out of his hometown years ago because his mother was a whore, so long as he gets to be their leader. They agree.
Apparently, Jephthah decides to make a deal with his god of love so he can be victorious in battle. What is this deal? Well, in exchange for victory, Jephthah pledges that the first to greet him out of his front door when he returns home shall be offered as a burnt offering to his god of love. Unfortunately, that means either his wife or only daughter (he has no other children) will be barbequed.
The war goes well for him and he slaughters many men (with love). He returns home, likely hoping his dog hears him approach or a slave will come to greet him but, alas, it is his only daughter who is first out his front door dancing and singing of his victory. Much like Hulk Hogan before a match, upon seeing his daughter, Jephthah tears open his shirt. "Aw, you dummy, you should have sent your mother! Now I gotta cook you! I promised our god of love." he says to his daughter (or something similar). "You promised our god of love what?! Well, give me two months to mourn my virginity (wink, wink)" she asks. Jephthah allows her two months and she wanders around the mountains "mourning" her virginity.
She does return after two months, who knows why, and Jephthah burns her alive. His god of love is pleased because he loves the smell (see Exodus and Leviticus), of all the smells of burning meat, virgin meat is probably the best.
What is the moral of this story? Fuck if I know.